Filling hearts. Fuelling mission.

Services commence Easter 2019
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A new sort of church

A local church. A unique calling. A kingdom mandate.

Kenmore church is starting with a wealth of experience, a unique vision, and an innovative strategy to fuel the missional heart of God’s people in our own area and far beyond. Find out more and take steps to join this great adventure.

About us

A beautiful setting. An exciting dream. An experienced team.

An initiative of Churches of Christ Qld, utilising a new facility and cafe located at the Kenmore head-office, this church is a place where lost people are found, and found people grow. Come to where your heart will find its new home.

In a nut-shell

A little different to “church as normal”.

We are creating a next-generation church, combining the best elements of the past with innovation for the future. Modern challenges and distractions require the church to dig deeper and reach wider than it has for millennia.
This is the exciting challenge we are taking up at Kenmore church.

Patrick Hegarty

What are we about at Kenmore church?

Take your next steps

Want to know more? Three ways to get the information you need.

Have kids?

Our programs are safe and fun, preparing them for a life with God.

A place of formation

We are a unique church where you will be able to genuinely grow spiritually. Find out more about our innovative courses, groups and retreats for all ages.

Plan your first visit

Where to go and what to expect when you first join us on site.

Kenmore Church of Christ


Kenmore Church of Christ is committed to ensuring that children are safe, happy and empowered. We support and respect all children, and have a zero tolerance of child abuse.


A: 41 Brookfield Rd.
Kenmore Qld. 4069


M: PO Box 1041 Kenmore Qld. 4069

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