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Filling hearts. Fueling mission.

Resourcing ordinary people to make extraordinary impact.


How that looks at Kenmore church

We are a local church, with a unique calling, and a kingdom-mandate.

Beneath the skin of a new facility and positive Christian community, there beats a special heartbeat. Within the fabric of our church is a culture of spiritual formation and renewal. Besides being an exciting place to be, we are equipping people and churches nationally in discipleship. Our beautiful facility lends itself naturally to be an equipping hub so you are better fuelled to be on mission.


Our Team

Beliefs & Values


Who We Are

Our Team

Our experienced launch team shares a common heart for people to experience God in a transormative way; grow in vibrant community; and equip the broader body of Christ to do the same.

Most have been pioneers of the growing Spirit and Truth community in which thousands have seen personal and corporate renewal.


Patrick Hegarty

Patrick Hegarty

Senior Leader

In vocational ministry since 2003 at churches large and small, Patrick has authored five books on spiritual formation. As part of his broader calling to assist churches nationally he continues to develop the Spirit and Truth resources and community to provide materials and training. With a leaning towards renewal-oriented discipleship, he has had the privilege of walking thousands through a transformational journey,

Married to Trish for over 30 years, his 2 children and five grandchildren provide the motivation to create a church that fills hearts and fuels mission in the emerging generation.






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“We are a people on mission. But that is a Mission Impossible when we are not genuinely compelled by an ongoing experience of Christ within. Kenmore Church exists to fuel hearts that fulfill mission.

– Senior Leader: Patrick Hegarty

Our Beliefs & Values

Our beliefs align with the foundational principles of Churches of Christ Qld. who quote Saint Augustine and John Wesley in saying: “In essentials, unity; in opinions, liberty; in all things, love”. As a church, we adhere to a conventional evangelical-charismatic theology, with a praxis of dignified renewal.

God’s presence in all of life

God’s grace is always enough for every situation. His empowering presence guides, heals, restores and empowers us for all facets of a godly life (2 Peter 1:3).

Faith, hope & love

These three are all that matter, and all that remain.

  • Faith: an intimate and active reliance on God based on who He is and what He has said.
  • Hope: An expectancy for what can and will be.
  • Love: Reaching out to people with a love we have personally experienced from God.

More here.

Lifelong spiritual journey

Our spiritual journey integrates steps of growth with cyclical seasons. We never stop being formed as we work with the rhythms of God’s grace.

We all play a part

Every person has been called and equipped by God to play their unique part in His church. Without the passionate commitment, and generosity of resources that God’s people bring, His body will never thrive. 


Our impact goes beyond denominations to equip the broader work of God. Our programs and people are trained and available to resource those who are hungry to share our amazing journey.

Mutual honour

We seek to acknowledge and promote the gold in each person, hoping to encourage the positive destiny God has for them. We value all people equally, and honour where they are at on their journey with God. We are not their judge, and do not harbour unforgiveness or propagate slander, following biblical and legal process for disputes (Matthew 18). We also reserve the right to protect each other from all forms of harm, and do not equate acceptance of an individual with permission to abuse. We treat leaders with respect as they fulfill their duties under God.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can other people and churches join your courses?

Of course! That is one of the reasons we exist. We love to equip and connect with people who want to take new steps with God. There is always room for more at our courses and retreats.

Who is Churches of Christ?

This movement has been active in spreading the kingdom of God in Queensland since the 1800’s. Today, with a strong missional heartbeat, the organisation is unified in its mission to bring the light of Christ into communities. Find out more about Churches of Christ here.

Can I meet you to find out more?

Absolutely. Contact us to book an appointment, or come along to our next Connect Trackmeeting held after church on Sunday (11:00am)

Where has your leadership come from?

Most of the team have been involved in ministry together for over a decade in and various settings. Our denominational roots include: Baptist; Pentecostal, Anglican and Brethren. We always have room for more on the team!

What is the connection with spiritandtruth.net.au?

Spirit and Truth is an independent initiative of Patrick Hegarty to resource churches broadly. Kenmore church hosts conferences and courses from their suite of resources, as do many churches nationally.

Kenmore Church of Christ


Kenmore Church of Christ is committed to ensuring that children are safe, happy and empowered. We support and respect all children, and have a zero tolerance of child abuse.


A: 41 Brookfield Rd. Kenmore Qld. 4069

E: info@kenmore.church

M: PO Box 1041 Kenmore Qld. 4069

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