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Meet the Team

Some faces you might want to know on Sunday

SENIOR MINISTER: Patrick Hegarty

Patrick and his wife Trish were invited to plant Kenmore Church from Easter 2019. A pastor since 2003, he is the author of five books on spiritual formation. 

Having a long history serving in Baptist and Pentecostal churches, he carries a depth of experience across denominations stemming from his mentoring of ministers and supporting churches broadly through the Spirit & Truth network, which he founded. Launching Kenmore Church is the next step of a 15-year journey of introducing thousands to a deeper work of the Holy Spirit and personal growth. 

His heart is to create a church setting where people engage deeply with God – filling their hearts and fueling their personal mission in the world.

"We find ourselves in a unique cultural moment that requires a fresh approach to spiritual life. Old forms are losing viability, and accepted truths are now being challenged.

We need new spiritual tools, less clutter, and a Christian experience that is practical and personal ... not drawn from theory alone or a 200 year-old anecdote.

More than ever, trying to do what Jesus commissioned is a mission-impossible unless our hearts are full of His presence and grace. That is why Kenmore Church is here."

Patrick Hegarty – Founder of Kenmore Church

People to look for on arrival


KC KIDS: Carol Dubery

YOUTH: Liam Berry