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Meet the Team

Some faces you might want to know on Sunday

SENIOR MINISTER: Patrick Hegarty

A pastor since 2003, Patrick and his wife Trish founded Kenmore Church in 2019.

"What most people long for in a local church is to connect with God & people, to know their children's faith is nurtured fully, and that leadership is competent and authentic. Kenmore Church exists to provide that in a vibrant, modern setting".

Patrick's materials on Christian formation and renewal focus on catalysing growth and cultivating leadership. See them at Kenmore Church's ConneXa project.

People to look for on arrival

MINISTER: Zelvin Botha

CONNECTIONS: Barry & Valda Innes

KC KIDS: Louise McNabb

YOUTH: Liam Berry

TRAINING & DEV: Lynda Moore

WOMEN: Laura Rigby

MEN: Troy Rigby

OFFICE: Trish Hegarty