Filling hearts. Fuelling mission.

Resourcing people & churches to change their world.
Fruitful formationVision explained

A local church.
A unique calling.
A kingdom-mandate.

A local church

A thriving place near you to connect, invest and encounter God together. We have a wonderful new air-conditioned facility with a cafe and loads of parking.

A unique calling

We have a unique emphasis on growing people in their walk with God – filling hearts + fuelling mission. Developed over many years, our courses, retreats and groups are transformational.  

A kingdom mandate

We are already scaling the vision of “Filling hearts – Fuelling mission” beyond a single location. Through the Spirit & Truth resources and network we plan to partner with 50 churches nationally. 

The heartbeat Kenmore church

Filling hearts – fuelling mission.

Churches of Christ Qld. has a mission to bring the light of Christ to communities. Our part to play in that is to fuel the hearts of those who impact their world. Ours is a culture of spirit-empowered formation, providing relationships and resources that facilitate your unique calling in the world. 

Patrick Hegarty

How Kenmore church is approaching the modern challenge of powerful healthy Christianity.

Spiritual formation

Catalysing faith, hope and love that changes the world.

An integrated and powerful growth model

You are already on a growth journey – we just accelerate it.

God uses the seasons of life to craft your soul. Within those seasons He initiates new life, times of wilderness and even moments of pruning. We work with those seasons, combining intentional relationships, learning and experiences to catalyse major breakthroughs.

An integrated model

Spiritual formation

DNA Groups

A life-on-life of experience of spiritual formation

Regular, intentional, small groups of 2-4 people on a growth journey. Disciple through applying scripture; Nurture through openness and availability; Action through intentional mission.


Catalytic courses

Unique material and environments that initiate change

Run over 6 or 8 weeks, often with a weekend retreat, our courses meet you in the season of life that you are in. God will meet you where you are at and lead you in to your next stage.


Leadership track

For those who are ready to multiply influence

Equipping you to grow Christ’s influence in the life of others. Building healthy leaders who can go and do the same.


Kenmore Church of Christ


Kenmore Church of Christ is committed to ensuring that children are safe, happy and empowered. We support and respect all children, and have a zero tolerance of child abuse.


A: 41 Brookfield Rd.
Kenmore Qld. 4069


M: PO Box 1041 Kenmore Qld. 4069

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