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For those who are curious about God, church and the meaning of life.

Curious about God?

We would love to talk with you and help you on that journey of faith. Contact us here to book a time.

A brief explanation of why Jesus came, and how He made a way for us to connect again with God eternally can be found below.

Our primary learning experience for this season:

Other curricula for you to enjoy:

These courses are provided free to attendees of Kenmore Church via our license with Rightnow Media. If you do not have access, you can connect with us here. The link to gain access is in the weekly email news sent to all our attendees.

Get someone to walk this journey with you.

You can learn a lot from material, but you also need some people to answer questions and help guide your journey. If you dont have a Christian friend or relative, contact us and we can help.

Ready for the next stage of your growth?