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Prayer Ministry Training

Equipping teams in safe and powerful ministry.

For prayer ministers in the local church.


Participants undertake the learning and growth process by combining video content, reflection questions and stretching assignments contained throughout to help build capacity and character. Participants appoint a mentor with whom they can reflect on their learnings, and join with others for three workshop days where content is applied and practiced.

Provides a full suite of practical tools, safe practices, and credible frameworks for use in altar call and ministry situations.

Your instructors: Lynda & Caleb Moore

Caleb & Lynda Moore Caleb & Lynda have been practicing and leading prayer-based ministries in Austalia since 2008.

Topic List

  1. Introduction to the course
  2. What is Prayer Ministry?
  3. When does Prayer Ministry occur?
  4. Why do people need Prayer Ministry?
  5. Body, Soul and Spirit
  6. Developing a culture that is conducive to Prayer Ministry
  7. The Ministry Team
  8. Qualities to look for in a Prayer Minister
  9. Legalities
  10. Bringing it all together
  11. Practical tips
  12. Listening effectively
  13. The power of blessing
  14. Prayers of P.E.A.C.E.
  15. Healing prayers
  16. Blockages to healing
  17. Forgiveness (1)
  18. Forgiveness (2)
  19. Scoping some terms
  20. Inner vows
  21. Soul ties
  22. Grief
  23. Dealing with pain from the past
  24. Healing from family wounds
  25. Holy Spirit manifestations
  26. Discerning the demonic
  27. Prophecy and Prayer Ministry

Cost and Format

Cost: $120 if facilitated ($60 content only)

Includes: Comprehensive hard-copy manual; 27 video sessions of training; 3 workshop days.

Team Discount: For churches wanting to equip a team of more than 5 at once: Apply here.

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