IN-PERSON SERVICES Sunday 9:00am; 6:00pm.

Fuelling Mission

An opportunity for every person to viably and personally engage in mission.

We see mission as intentionally reaching into the world to demonstrate God's kingdom. That is a multi-faceted mandate - one that compels us to bring word, deed and miraculous signs as pointers to our eternal hope - Romans 15:18-19.


Partnering with Compassion Australia to engage in Salatiga - Indonesia.

Supporting Thai prisoners both in and after incarceration. Contact Lani van Dalsen for more.

Building futures | strengthening families | empowering communities

Providing love, hope and opportunity to children with disabilities. Contact Jan Steffan for more.


Kenmore Church is a mission outpost in a secular setting. As such we see our community as a place where we can demonstrate the kingdom of God in many ways. See more on the Community Care page.