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Leaders who SERVE

Equipping you to lead your church program well.

For those who oversee a church program or team.

Course dates:

Access content: February 5 2022

Workshop 1: February 12 2022 (8:30am - 1:00pm)

Workshop 2: February 26 2022 (8:30am - 1:00pm)


Tier 1 course for ministry team leaders. Giving you the tools to grow a ministry and lead a healthy team of volunteers. Using the acronym of S.E.R.V.E. we take you on a journey of leading like Jesus.

Those with a pre-purchased Course Registration and manual have free access to video and downloads.

Key Participant Outcomes


  • Participant is inducted into church's Vision; Policies; Leadership Manual

Develop a Ministry Playbook with:

  • Concise vision for the their ministry
  • Key strategies to be implemented
  • Workable role descriptions for team volunteers

Create an Annual calendar of:

  • Regular events & big days
  • Team meetings
  • Celebration moments

Topic List:

6 Units:

  1. Introduction: The goal of leadership; Your guiding statements.
  2. See Ahead: What does it look like when you get it right?
  3. Engage Others: Working effectively with your team.
  4. Re-assess and Re-invent: Constantly refine and simplify.
  5. Value People: All we do is with and for people.
  6. Embody the Values: Representing your culture fully.

Cost and Format

Cost: $99

Includes: Comprehensive hard-copy manual; Playbook template; 9 video sessions of training; 2 workshop days incl. meals

Team Discount: For churches wanting to equip a team of more than 5 at once: Apply here.

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