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The Kenmore Church way

Why we do what we do

Filling Hearts - Fuelling Mission

That small statement sums up the way we do things at Kenmore Church. We invest a lot in helping you experience the abundant life Jesus promised. Hearts that are full will overflow into a hurting world.

Guiding values...

1: People matter

People want to be known, and to sow into a healthy community. We have all sorts of ways for you to connect - take your next steps here.

2: Lifelong spiritual journey

Your seasons of formation never end. Kenmore Church has created unique tracks that facilitate that growth and catalyse transformation. Check out our GrowthTRACK and LeaderTRACK.

3: A life of Spirit & Truth

We fully embrace the unchanging word of God - applying it to our complex and challenging lives. We also invite an experience of God's power and grace to give us all we need in every situation.

4: Get it right - give it away

Ours is a resourcing church. As we develop methods and resources that prove to work in our modern context, we release them to churches everywhere.