Quite different but in key ways the same
Patrick Hegarty

Is Kenmore church different, and if so, why?

Christian society is describing a steadily growing gap between what they long for in a local church, and what they can find.

Environments, methods and mindsets that served us well for so long can eventually conspire against the need to adapt to a rapidly evolving social setting.  


Questions borne of frustration

I hear the following questions spoken out almost every week from sincere people who long for their heart to find a home.


  1. Do I matter as a person?
    People often feel they are merely an asset in church life. They love to serve, but don’t want to be forgotten. There is something fundamentally broken if programs come before people.
  2. Are you able to make it real?
    People long for a genuine experience and relationship with God that fuels their complex and challenging life. They also need to know that leaders are authentically living out what they preach.
  3. Is there any substance here?
    People long to get back to the word of God in its true meaning and application. They prefer to have a passage explained and applied to their life than have selected verses used to prove a point.

Being brand new, Kenmore church can retain what works really well, but bring significant innovation to serve the soul of this generation much better.

What is different?

Filling hearts first.

Yes, you matter more than what you do. So many of us are motivated to do something of significance. And at Kenmore church we have room for big dreams and innovative programs. Reaching out to transform our broken world is a non-negitiable element of kingdom life.

But hang on! If we aren’t giving from a heart that is whole and overflowing from grace, we will suffer from missional over-reach. We will burn out emotionally.

We are here to fill hearts and fuel mission. You can only give from what you sustainably receive from God and His people. Our church intentionally fosters the health of the whole-person so that your service brings you to life, not exhaustion.


Presence of God in all of life

Yes, God is real and gives you what you need. Too many of us do life in our own strength. The abundant life Jesus promised (John 10:10) is to be enabled by His empowering grace daily. And yet modern believers struggle to engage with God powerfully and meaningfully.

But life is too hard, and our problems too complex to rely on our own strength to get through – God can help significantly through good times and bad.

We go out of our way to create environments that invite God to impact your life personally. We invite Him to speak into your situation, give you strength, heal your heart, and give you real power to live.


Fostering whole-person growth

Yes, there is substance below the surface. The word of God is powerful to transform lives. And yet transformation requires more than information alone. Knowledge must be applied to life – that is the definition of godly wisdom.

We have woven into the fabric of our church a growth culture that helps you transition the various seasons of life. Through stretching experiences; key relationships; godly instruction; and experiences of grace – people of all ages are discipled as whole-people.


What is the same (but improved)?

Sundays you want to be at

Gathering once-a-week is a rhythm that never gets old. People want to come to a place where they can find peace, encouragement and connection. We have a beautiful new facility, and services you can’t simply download to your smartphone.

Our simplified format, and focus on applying truth to your life, means the services are a place to breathe spiritually, and reset your soul.


Connections that cater

Social and spiritual connection is a big part of church life. We have all the normal sorts of small groups that meet, but we also have intentional DNA groups for growth, and regular social settings both large and small that let you make and develop friendships.

Our Connection Track is held on Sundays for those who want to learn about the DNA of Kenmore church and how to get involved.


Upgrades for children

To better equip kids for life in a non-Christian culture, we grow in them 8 formational compass points for their journey. This disciples them strongly and provides the experiences and relationships required carry on in the faith after adolescence.


Kenmore Church won’t be perfect, and no fellowship can be all things to all people. I don’t think anyone expects that. But it is vital that there is a thriving local church within reach of everyone, and we hope to be that for the communities around us.

We invite people from all over to find their spiritual home with us, and help us create a home for others who need it so profoundly.

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