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Technology – August 2019

Technology – August 2019August 12, 2019  These days we must make intentional use of technology to facilitate core functions.   Paper forms waste time; Cash is no longer the main form of regular giving; Information and teaching is delivered better...

Ministry upgrades – August 2019

Ministry upgrades – August 2019August 5, 2019We are constantly assessing our programs, seeing where we need to initiate or upgrade activities as the church grows. While avoiding unecessary business, we are focussing on mission critical activities that help us...


Articles & Stories

Quite different but in key ways the same

Is Kenmore church different, and if so, why? Methods and mindsets that served us well for so long can eventually conspire against the adaption required to keep up with a rapidly evolving social setting.

Embracing Spiritual Autumn

Sometimes, for whatever reason, we outgrow the spiritual, emotional and relational box we have been in – we simply have to move on. It is time for spiritual Autumn.

Make it real and give us substance

This generation insists on authenticity from leadership. They wont easily accept principles and axioms that aren’t grounded in scripture. And they want to see the message lived out before they accept the message spoken out.

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